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2429 Members Found

Dealer Name Contact Person Phone Listings
B & B Truck Sales Jason Cehic  812-284-2741  View
B & D Trucks Inc Tim Fredrickson  402-426-5550  View
B & J Truck Sales Brandon Burnside  870-810-8000  View
B Js Gears & Truck Sales B J Purewal  916-372-3518  View
Badger Truck Center Paul Jacklin  414-316-5875  View
Badger Utility Richard Bloomquist  608-249-5301  View
Baez Truck Sales LLC Ana Baez or Cristobal Baez  713-455-1122  View
Bale Chevrolet Company David Broyles  501-221-9191  View
Ball Volvo & Gmc Trucks Kenny Ball  660-727-3358  View
Ballard Truck Center Greg Day  508-753-1403  View
Ballard Truck Center of Springfield Len  413-733-1136  View
Baltimore Freightliner John Coombe Ext 212  410-685-4474  View
Baltimore Mack (Haggerstown) Carl Finafrock  301-733-1707  View
Bangor Truck & Trailer Sales Eric Dysart  207-947-0778  View
Bare Truck Center Jack Stone  410-848-7400  View
Barlow Work Trucks Dave Cowperthwait  800-220-1452  View
Baskins Inc. Aaron Baskin  413-594-4111  View
Bass Truck Center Rich Sisley Ext 2631  877-875-2878   View
Battlefield Ford Truck Center Ray Muirhead  703-368-3184  View
Bay State Truck & Trailer Erik Hoskins  508-336-9600  View
Bayshore Ford Alex Brozek  800-241-6644   View
BBS Truck Don Barton or Greg Sutton  903-831-5049  View
BDS Truck & Equipment Sales George Rivera Cell (951-233-2590)  951-275-8903  View
Beall Trailers of Arizona Tom Hofeldt  888-244-3043  View
Beam Mack Sales & Service, Inc. Bill McConnell  315-437-2574 x 315  View
Beaumont Freightliner Mike McCormick  409-951-8300  View
Beaver Truck Centre Gary Kirk   888-388-6586   View
Becks Truck & Equip/dba American Truck Center LLC Gary Beck  214-638-2927  View
BEI Trailer & Container Sales Carl Heismann  513-539-9216  View
Bellamy Strickland Commercial Trucks John Winter  770-954-3017  View
Belleville Truck Centre Steve Edey  613-966-4800  View
Beltway Companies (Frederick) Steve Trimble  410-247-5700  View
Beltway International (Baltimore) Steve Trimble  410-247-5700  View
Ben Funk Inc Frank Niet  518-851-3581  View
Benson International Sheri Cooper  270-522-1008  View
Bentley Truck Services Mike Napoliello  800-833-2140  View
Berger Truck Sales Andy Berger  434-548-3381   View
Bergeys Truck Center Gary Dengler  609-586-3333  View
Bergeys Truck Centers Bill Stillwell  609-586-3333  View
Berman Freightliner Darryl Breiner Ext 214  610-926-2146  View
Bernards Truck Sales Joe Bernard  318-925-0058  View
Best Deal Truck Sales Paul Ghodsi  909-428-3699  View
Best Used Trucks Eddie or Scott Walker  888-808-2700  View
Best Used Trucks of MN Jason Leas  218-281-6300  View
Best Used Trucks of Pa Inc Nathan Dunleavy  610-334-4958  View
Beverage Truck Pros Jeff Smith  888-543-2473  View
Beyer Bros Corp Guy Montaina  201-943-3100  View
Big Freight Systems Inc Seaton Coleman  204-326-3434  View
Big Rig Companies Cole Bryan  763-878-2594  View
Big Rig Enterprises Jeff Mckenzie  256-784-5001  View
Big Rig Sales LLC Jeff Shahan  302-404-5640  View
Big Rig Truck Sales Jim Martin  909-823-1844  View
Big Rock Truck & Trailer Sales Ben Hillius or Beau Hillius  701-226-0583  View
Big Sky Utility Trailer Sales Glen Walker  406-652-2330  View
Big Truck & Equipment Sales Case Bor  562-926-5015  View
Bigfoot Enterprises LLC Kerry Jones  423-279-0060  View
Bird Dog Trailer Sales Larry Ham  770-452-0069  View
Black Book Value Guide Charles Cathey  770-532-4111 ext 225  View
Black Hills Truck & Trailer Tom Helland  605-343-2812  View
Black Rock Truck Group of Branford Stephen Swartz  800-448-8480  View
Black Truck & Equipment Sales Al Black  251-789-2369  View
Blackmon Transport System Harlon Blackmon  318-872-9616  View
Blackmun Equipment Used Trucks Dan England  209-467-1121   View
Blackwell Truck Sales & Parts Dewayne Blackwell  251-645-6337  View
Blue River Trucks Jeff Hornung   402-463-0012   View
Blue Star Motors Jose Jimenes  713-675-5544  View
Bluegrass International Kyle Koeberlein  502-570-5252  View
Blust Motor Service Inc Mel Blust   513-385-6050  View
BMS Trailer Leasing Jim Coffaro  513-542-6333  View
Bobby Gerhart Truck World Bobby Gerhart  717-273-7995  View
Bobby Johnson Equipment Co Inc Joe Johnson  318-995-6341  View
Bobby Park Truck & Equipment Buddy Cartee  205-759-4872  View
Bobs Truck Sales Bobby Pell  405-665-3000  View
Boeke & Sons Truck Sales & Service Amanda Bonecutter  260-638-5096  View
Bonander Truck Sales Frank Goldsmith  209-634-3580  View
Bond Equipment Co Inc Andy Bond  214-637-0760  View
Boomtrux, Inc. Carlton Calfee  813-833-2187  View
Border Truck & Equipment LLC Bill Fischer  417-825-1689  View
Boston Freightliner Roy Dicicco Ext 23  888-267-3857  View
Bouma Truck Sales Daniel Calhoun  406-216-3868  View
Boyer Trucks Randy Myhre  507-429-9965  View
Boyle Trucks of Fontana Ben Raygoza  951-217-2478  View
Boyles Motor Sales Inc Jim Fanara   585-343-2860  View
Brechbuhler Truck Sales LLC Dusty McDonald  330-477-8127  View
Breinig Truck & Trailer LLC Scott Breinig cell 308-962-6140   308-962-7200   View
Brent Higgins Trucking Brent Higgins  479-997-2366  View
Brians Fleet Services Brian McCool  416-725-4963  View
Brisbon Diesel Service Inc Geoffrey Brisbon  508-679-2482  View
Broadway Sales Inc. Gary Solomon  (509) 534-8903  View
Broadway Truck Centers Ron Buskirk  314-241-9140  View
Brody Trailer Tom Breen  410-789-4050  View
Brothers Truck & Trailer Sales Barrett Brothers Cell 870-815-7863   870-655-8585  View
Brothers Truck Sales Joaquin Conchas  909-428-4703  View
Bruce Essick Truck Sales & Service Bruce Essick  336-431-6824  View
Bruckner Truck Sales Josh Sluder  806-584-1955  View
Bruckner Truck Sales of Amarillo Mason Moore  806-376-6273  View
Bruckner Truck Sales of Dallas J D Wyatt  214-379-6600  View
Bruckner Truck Sales of Denver Frank Hoines  877-577-8263   View
Bruckner Truck Sales of Hays Kameron Parker  877-698-9273  View
Bruckner Truck Sales of Lubbock Colby Gilliam  806-745-9494  View
Bruckner Truck Sales of Tulsa Ray Sizemore  800-375-9305  View
Brunos Semi Trailers Bob Bruno  913-371-2511  View
Bryant Motors Ken Bryant  425-255-3478  View
Buckeye Western Star Todd Ewers  888-210-5344  View
Bucks Trucks LLC Christopher Buck  803-407-6895  View
Buddy Loper Equipment Co Pat Muphy  251-945-1070   View
Building Supply Equipment Resources J E Davis or Noe Sanchez  864-670-7016  View
Bulldog Truck Sales Kevin Rutledge 678-679-7962  678-679-7950   View
Bunch Truck & Equipment Ted Migchelbrink  912-964-5522  View
Burchfield Truck Sales Mark Miller   814-695-3232  View
Burr Truck & Trailer Sales John Gaughan  800-568-2877  View
Burroughs Diesel Mike Burroughs or Wayne Burroughs  601-649-3062  View
Bush Truck Leasing Brett Burdno  (513) 234-7715  View
E W Truck & Equipment Co Jeff Winters Ext. 316  619-263-2111  View
E F Truck Sales Elmer Farmer  504-415-8227  View
E Glenn Phillips Used Trucks Glenn Philllips  989-670-2170  View
E.R. Truck & Equipment 305-306-9160  305-306-9160  View
Eagle Freightliner Johnny Pimentel  541-567-5677  View
Eagle Metal Works Baldemar Benavides   713-644-2526  View
Eagle Truck & Equipment Sales Daniel Rodriguez  626-979-4701  View
Eagle Truck & Equipment, LLC Darrell Johnson  918-476-4946  View
Eagle Truck Center LLC Keith Rutherford  318-865-4767  View
Easleys LLC Randy Easley  816-770-5512  View
East Coast Trailer & Equipment Tom Lentz  704-596-4505  View
East Coast Truck & Trailer Sales Linda Stewart  757-465-2200  View
East Texas Mack Sales Drew Bankston  903-758-9994  View
East Texas Truck Center Josh Burch  936-205-4211  View
Easton Truck Center Beth Brittingham  800-787-2020  View
Eastside Auto Parts Greg Maki or Cindy  231-853-5700  View
Ecks Garage Randy Blair  570-433-3177   View
Ed Stivers Ford Inc Ron Reese  515-987-3697  View
Eddies Truck Center Jeff Cullum  605-348-4900  View
Eds Truck And Trailer Sales Dan Brenenborg  937-233-8871  View
EFC Truck Sales Joe Hunter Ext 3423  402-431-9410  View
Element Fleet Mgmt Grant Smith  954-762-3242  View
Elgin Truck Center Greg Elgin  724-349-4010  View
Elite Truck & Trailer Sales Dennis Digby   580-234-5335  View
Elizabeth Truck Center Scot boughton  908-355-8800  View
Elkhorn Valley Trucks LLC Pat Stalp  402-618-0564   View
Elliott Equipment Company Rick Zanwassenhoze  563-391-4840  View
Elliott Wilson Capital Trucks Bill Fenwick  301-341-5500  View
Emerald Commercial Leasing Joe Dickman  404-362-0092  View
Emjay Sales & Leasing Dan Wolf  708-594-9191  View
Empire Truck & Equipment Co. Butch Baessler  303-289-2969  View
Empire Truck & Trailer Mike Shannon  602-627-5701  View
Empire Truck Sales Squires Huff  601-939-5000  View
Empire Truck Sales Squires Huff  800-872-3673  View
England Truck Sales Steve England  501-268-9215  View
Enterprise Fleet Management John Cunningham  248-426-1437 x288  View
Enterprise Fleet Management Mark Johnson  310-329-3110  View
Enterprise Fleet Services Brian Quattlander  214-905-0450 Ext 301  View
Enterprise Fleet Services Eric Ostensen  630-629-0975  View
Enterprise Fleet Services Jeff Sell  713-465-7800  View
Enterprise Leasing of Orlando George Angus  (407) 382-1477  View
Enterprise Motors Inc. Reuben Mota  562-692-7244  View
Enterprise of South Florida Ed Lawton  954-497-2290  View
Enterprise rent a truck Keith Phillips  310-851-3500  View
Enterprise Rent-A-Truck Kevin Heersink   (314) 512-2394  View
Equipment Logistics Inc Jason Kelly  256-739-9280  View
Equipment Sales Inc Austin Lindsey  801-974-0888  View
Equipxp Frank Hoback  281-286-1338  View
Equity Truck And Equipment Sales, LLC Jason Giese  770-861-6500   View
Erickson Trucks -N- Parts Jill Langstraat  800-825-7997  View
Erickson Trucks -N- Parts Dale  1-800-825-7997  View
Ervin Equipment Greg Ervin  217-849-3125  View
Ervin Equipment Ask for Sales  217-849-3125  View
Ervin Equipment Becky Taylor  217-849-3125  View
Ervin Equipment Perry Propst  217-849-3125  View
Evans Equipment Inc Dean Evans  215-547-7200  View
Evansdale Truck & Trailer Galen Allen  319-232-1436  View
Excel Truck Group-Charlotte Aaron Backus  704-597-1110  View
Excel Truck Group-Roanoke Denny Barbour  540-777-7700  View
Experior Equipment Sales Vuk Stankowski  708-653-0053  View
Express Fleet Sales LLC Eric Harrison   512-366-3858   View
G Equipment LLC Camilo Guerrero   520-463-4842  View
G L Sayre Inc Jim Sayre Jr  610-277-2000  View
G Stone Commercial Andy Doaner  802-388-9599   View
G&J Truck Sales Clay Britten  806-236-1898  View
Gabrielli Truck Sales of Connecticut, LLC Sal Rossi  203-877-3281  View
Gainesville Truck Center Emily Allison  770-532-8463  View
Garcia Truck and Bus Sales of Florida Inc. Jenny Armador  321-200-6585   View
Gateway Truck & Refrigeration Dustin Wangler   618-242-4138   View
Gateway Volvo Robert Yost   618-345-0123  View
Gator Truck Sales Mike Gardecki  610.413.8704  View
GATR Truck Center David Irving  515-263-3600   View
GATR Truck Center Sales  320-251-7356  View
GE Trailer Fleet Services John Muzii  484-254-0284  View
General GMC Truck Sales Ed Costello  561-686-8906  View
General Truck Center Inc Ted Perrault  978-686-1800  View
General Truck Equipment Joel Overfield  904-389-5541  View
General Truck Sales Alex Morrison  765-289-4481  View
General Truck Sales Rick Sheehan  901-474-3106  View
Geneva Logistics Inc Tom Stevenson  815-341-0375  View
Geneva Truck & Equipment Jim Hafer  814-337-7136  View
Georgia Elite Trucks Chris Gruner  404-384-1472  View
Georgia Motor Trucks Calvin Letson  770-775-7772  View
Georgia Trailer Sales Inc Bill Israel   404-363-2125  View
GFC & W Used Truck Sales Oscar Giron   310-872-3457  View
Giant Equipment LLC Micah Conder   214-741-1411  View
Giant Storage Trailer Rental Erwin Lowe  423-479-9043  View
Gibbon Truck Sales Bill Messner  507-834-6219  View
Gibbs Truck Center Greg Kindberg   805-485-0551   View
Gilbert Truck Center Blake Gilbert  478-742-1500  View
Ginn Commercial Fleet Phillip Tidwell  678-625-4000  View
Global Truck Sales Marvin Villatoro   713-671-0902  View
Global Truck Traders, Inc Al Curtis or Bruce Knight  603-239-7008  View
Glockner Truck Plaza Sales Dept.  740-351-2274  View
Glover Truck & Trailer Sales Beau Glover  501-945-1550  View
Glovers Heavy Duty Rustin Glover Cell 501-607-3808  501-945-2000  View
GM Trucks & Equipment Inc Irma Hernandez  956-726-9260   View
Goddard Equipment, LLC John Goddard  785-627-5425  View
Goebel Equipment Inc Randy Goebel Cell 217-240-0559  217-924-4405  View
Golden Gate Truck Center Tom Dempsey  510-632-3535  View
Golden State Truck Sales, Inc. Dharminder Singh  530-870-6600  View
Good Buy Truck Mike Endres  918-919-8304  View
Goodman Truck & Tractor Clem Goodman  804-561-2141  View
Goodpasture Motor Co Inc Frank Goodpasture  276-669-0311  View
Goodson Truck Sales Mike Goodson  405-379-6957  View
Goodwins Truck and Equipment Phillip Goodwin  404-608-8101  View
Gordon Truck Centers Brett Grinde  360-798-4298  View
Grand Rapids Truck Center Josh Sparpana  616-281-7503  View
Grand River Sales LLC Stacy Singleton or Doug Bachtel  660-548-3804  View
Grande Truck Center Ronnie Moroz  210-661-4121  View
Great Dane Trailers Lonnie Campbell  251-660-1001  View
Great Dane Trailers (Houston) Glen Reynolds  713 675-1384  View
Great Dane Trailers of Knoxville Dustin Miller  865-693-1721  View
Great Lakes Equipment & Truck Sales Mark Meyers  231-832-9650  View
Great Lakes Peterbilt Boyd Bender  219-763-7227  View
Great Lakes Utility Trailer John Dressel  616-669-3690  View
Great Lakes Western Star Jim Schultz  734-243-2900  View
Griffin Commercial UD Trucks John Homan  919-494-5561  View
Grovers All Wheels LLC Bill Grover  208-745-7077  View
GT Used Trucks Edgar Gonzalez  305-545-0314  View
Gulf City Body & Trailer Hunter Lyons  251-438-5521  View
Gulf Coast Truck & Equipment John Hickerson  334-794-2695  View
Gulf Coast Truck And Equipment Chad Cross  800-995-8899  View
Gulf Coast Truck and Equipment Joey Smith   251-476-2744  View
I-16 Truck Sales & Equipment Alvin Wheeler  912-578-5300  View
I-20 Truck Sales Jason Brigman  205-410-9715  View
I-294 Truck Sales Paul Antonelli  708-631-3191   View
I-65 Truck Sales James Joyce  866-465-8789  View
I-75 Truck Sales Inc. Clete  478-992-9720  View
I-90 Truck & Equipment Sales Bob Sprecher  605-254-3010  View
I-State Truck Center Kiel Mead  712-202-5703  View
I-State Truck Center Jim Williams   651-455-9775   View
I-State Truck Center AJ McCaffrey  712-202-5705  View
I-State Truck Center-Bismarck Rick Opp  701-223-5235   View
I-State Truck Center-Missoula, MT Bob Goodsell  406-728-7600  View
I-State Truck Center-Sioux City Adam Clarey  712-253-6952  View
I-State Truck Center-Sioux Falls Stacy Haberer  800-776-2995  View
I-State Truck Center-Windsor, WI Jeff Gest  715-486-8800  View
I10 Equipment Lacey Croaker   409-842-1200  View
Idaho Falls Peterbilt John Carpenter  208-528-0004  View
Idealease Inc. Justin  720-670- 9905  View
Idealease North America Dan Murphy (President)  847-304-3160  View
Igloo Truck & Trailer Center Raul Bribiescas  210-622-3424  View
Illiana Truck Parts Inc Andy Nickel  812-232-6453  View
Iloca Services Dan Thompson  630-548-2600  View
Image Truck Partners Todd Coppaken Ext 102   913-432-8111   View
Impex International Truck Sales Juaun Pozo  352-351-3323  View
Infinity Equipment, Truck & Trailer Sales R.A. (RAUL) LOZANO  866-675-6969  View
Inland Kenworth Duane Johnson  604-291-6021  View
Inland Kenworth Luis Ugarte Cell 520-609-0240  800-258-7791  View
Inland Kenworth Bob Zeppenfeldt  909-823-9955  View
Inland Kenworth Larry Pierce  800-843-5271  View
Inmon Truck Sales Mark Vowels  501-945-1392  View
Innovative Transportation Service, Inc Peggy Cromer  704-399-3700  View
InRoads Truck Sales (Arrow Truck Sales) Jason Miller  913-319-7443  View
Integrity Auto Sales Limited Bill Roekle  608-244-5994  View
Integrity Sales & Services Jake Graber  260-238-5000  View
International (UTC Chicago) Lee Benesh  708-865-3333  View
International (UTC) Paula Ngo  630-753-3260  View
International Machinery Mike Faulkner  844-460-9964  View
International Truck & Engine Corp Mickey Dickens  615-793-5800  View
International Truck and Engine Verl Brown  800-882-0883  View
International Truck and Engine Corp. Steve Monacelli  734-955-2581  View
International Trucks of Houston Greg Odgers  713-933-2397  View
International Used Truck Center Columbus Jim Dufault  740-927-2600  View
International Used Truck Center of Indianapolis Bill Foster   317-787-3113  View
International Used Truck Center of Denver Kim Mikesell  800-798-9813  View
International Used Truck Center of Philadelphia Jason Matthews  888-623-3027  View
International Used Truck Center of Tampa Mike Schwartz  813-623-5585  View
International UTC of Philadelphia Larry Ginsberg  800-882-0883  View
Interstate Equipment Co Paul McCorkle  706-595-1550  View
Interstate Truck & Equipment Sales Inc Bryson Wright  706-367-4634  View
Interstate Truck & Trailer Bill Crooks cell 816-309-8777  816-421-1776  View
Interstate Truck Center Bill Dugo  209-944-5821  View
Interstate Truck Center Todd Morganson  209-656-7588  View
Interstate Truck Trailer & Equipment Mike Miller   602-269-2121  View
InterTech Sales Chad Black  260-495-2536  View
Ireland Sales LLC Jim Ireland or Tom  316-821-9664  View
Irlbeck Grain Inc. Marc or Daryle Irlbeck  800-237-8503  View
IronPlanet Rob Alleger  925-225-8833  View
Island Leasing, Inc. Adam Markham  289-983-1712  View
Isuzu of Palm Beach M.J. Martin  561-922-6217  View
ITA Truck Sales & Service J.E. Scism  252-412-0564  View
ITEC Idaho Truck & Equipment Craig Blood  208-353-9829   View
Itec Trailer Corp Michael Keltner Sr.  815-467-4900  View
Ivans Truck Parts Ivan Arbelaez  713-675-3027  View
Nacarato Truck Center Tim Hartley  888-393-1685  View
Nacarato Volvo & GMC Jason Cluck  615-280-2800  View
National Auto Dealer Vehicle Exchange Art Haddow  (480) 353-2719  View
National Trailer Dealers Association Steve Carey  800-800-4552  View
National Truck & Trailer Sales Rudy Ortiz  520-624-3068   View
National Truck Body Solutions Luke McKee  717-597-9400  View
National Truck Parts and Equipment Kevin Sleyster  866-231-7037  View
NationaLease of Utah Ryan Shanahan  801-972-0550  View
Navistar Inc (Atlanta) Steve Thompson   404-363-2170  View
Navistar, Inc. CA-UTCs Jeff Dossey  916-372-7871  View
NCL Truck Sales Daniel Vin  347-915-9828  View
Nebraska Peterbilt Jerald Sindt  308-583-7018  View
Nebraska Truck Center Kurt Brown  800-666-0130  View
Neely Coble Co Inc Tracy Linville  256-350-1630  View
Neely Coble Freightliner Jeff Smith  615- 244-8900   View
Nelson International Greg Tauer  800-247-9002  View
Nelson International Steve Hoover  701-282-2817  View
New Baltimore Garage Inc George Downes  540-347-1993  View
New England Kenworth Chris Waterman  802-725-0533  View
Newark Truck & Tractor Zoe Price  815-942-5101  View
Newlons International Sales LLC Beau Newlon  304-636-4561  View
Newrent Inc Richard Sienkiewicz  201-991-8407  View
Newton Truck Parts Inc George Newton  803-796-1505   View
Nextran Corp. Used Truck Center Terry Barrows  404-577-5230  View
Nextran Truck Center David Bennett  478-784-3100  View
Nextran Truck Center Ask for Sales  800-292-8685  View
Nextran Truck Center John Schwind  239-334-7300  View
Nextran Truck Center Bruce Graham   205-841-4450  View
Nextran Truck Center Chuck Chirillo  954-984-9494  View
Nextran Truck Center (Jacksonville) Mike Sprovtsoff  800-347-6225  View
Nextran Truck Center (Orlando) Todd Brown  407-855-9789  View
Nextran Truck Center (Tampa) Hugh Waldren  800-932-6225  View
Nextran Truck Center (Tampa) Tommy Hinckley   888-623-6373  View
Nextran Truck Center Inc (Riveria Beach) Dave Guthrie  561-842-6225  View
Nextran Truck Center of Atlanta Mark Gray  912-704-9897  View
NextranTruck Centers, Jacksonville Mack Mike Sproztsofs  904-354-3721  View
Nicholas Truck Sales & Service Sarah Cunningham  570-288-4452  View
Nichols Diesel Service Inc Joe Nichols or Jason  309-343-8080  View
Nicks BG Truck Sales Nick Barajas  214-371-6223  View
NLI Sales, Inc Donnie Newman Sr.  205-221-5202  View
Noerrs International Tom Noerr  717-248-5429  View
Nor Cal Truck Sales David  707 748 4498  View
Norbs Truck Sales Norb Zitzelfberger  920-371-5500  View
NorCal Kenworth Ryan Murphy  916-371-3372  View
Norfolk Truck Center Inc Walter North  757-622-3246  View
North American Equipment Sales Rick Golfetto  905-849-8999  View
North American Trailer Same  951 722-8773  View
North American Truck and Trailer Mike Rush Cell# 605.231.0634  877-458-6494  View
North Central International Brent Voss  507-625-2030  View
North East Enterprises Robert Hodge  410-287-5277  View
North Georgia Trucks & Parts Keith Murdock  706-375-2035  View
North Jersey Truck Center Adam Shafer Ext 160 Ian Honauer Ext 153   973-478-8802  View
Northeast Truck Sales and Services, Inc. John Ricci III  401-265-7757  View
Northern Mack Sales Inc Don Lehman  780-452-6225  View
Northern Ohio Peterbilt Rob Ramsey  800-634-7482  View
Northern Ohio Peterbilt of Findlay Bob Grosjean  419-423-3441  View
Northern Ohio Truck Center Jason Watson   419-668-4826   View
Northstar Equipment Corp John Oliver  706-367-7277  View
Northwest Equipment Sales Inc Paul Brunstad  208-362-3400  View
Northwest Trailer Sales Tom Mckinch  419-476-9114  View
Northwest Trucks Inc Eric Kassulat  630-226-0900  View
Northwoods Diesel Scott Negri  715-358-6800  View
Nuss Truck and Equipment Jerry Tradup cell-612-718-4924  800-704-0935  View
Nuss Truck and Equipment Ben Scheidel  507-387-0418   View
Nutmeg International Mike McDonald  860-308-6599  View
Nvision Trucks Eugene Casciaro  404-456-6671  View
NWB Sales LLC Neil Brown or JP   541-278-6028  View
O Halloran International Craig Brandt  800-800-6503  View
O Halloran International Ryan Borkowski  712-225-2553  View
Oakley Equipment Dewayne Oakley  256-710-2111  View
Ocean Truck Sales Esteban Patron   305-638-8932   View
OConner Motor Company Scott Wilson  207-622-3191  View
OConnor Motor Company Scott Wilson  207-797-7837  View
Ohio Truck Sales Chris Andrews  419-656-3568   View
Olathe Ford Steve Gibbs  800-280-9927  View
Old Mill Truck Sales Inc Duane Tinsley  402-887-9054  View
Old Republic Financial Acceptance Corp. Kelly Knerl  402-494-7760  View
Old River Truck Sales Andy Maxwell  601-664-1410  View
Olinger Sales & Service Inc Don Olinger  320-848-2281  View
Oliver Truck Center Andrew Oliver or Ricky Fraizer  210-987-2886  View
Omaha Track Equipment John Gallo  402-990-9385  View
Omni Trailer Rental David Theisen  405-495-2110  View
Opperman & Son Trucks Sales & Service Jake Nikula  707-433-4421  View
Orlando Freightliner Matt Dudley  800-741-3846 x121  View
Orlando Truck Center Dennis Samartino   407-601-7715   View
Otay Truck Sales Jorge Gil  619-710-0909  View
OTR Leasing Matt Muller  9139538962  View
Ottsville Truck Center Dave Smith  610-847-8442  View
Outback Holdings Pat Esau  306-493-3238  View
Ozark Utility Glen Crow or Randy Thomas  417-866-4336  View
R & O Truck Sales Phil Barkovitz  913-287-5111  View
R & R Inc Dave Hutter  330-799-1536  View
R & R Truck Sales Rudolfo Rubio or Oscar Contreras   713-671-2238   View
R & R Truck Sales Inc Cesar Martinez  713-674-0311  View
R & R Truck Sales Inc Dan Ralich  330-794-9304  View
R J Border International Rick Lane  915-373-7425  View
R W Jones Truck Sales Kris Harris  435-789-1231   View
R.S. HARRIS LTD. Kyle Harris  204-291-8686  View
Radcliffe Truck Sales Larry Radcliffe  785-421-3465  View
Rainier Truck and Trailer Inc Jeff Recor  206-870-3339  View
Randco Tanks & Equipment Randy Salvit  360-425-9100  View
Rantoul Truck Center Jeff Seegmiller  217-893-4159  View
Ravenel Truck & Equipment Richard Corbin  843-889-3553  View
Ray and Bobs Truck Sales Rocky Warinner   602-271-0888  View
Rays Truck Sales Inc Luis Saravia  908-436-0033  View
RC Foster Truck Sales Rob Foster  317-787-2291  View
RCI Trucks Todd Ekeroth   404-564-0332   View
RDK Truck Sales & Service Gaspar Lasanta  813-241-0711  View
RDO Equipment Jeff Schultz  800-410-7700  View
RDO Equipment Co Tom Myhre  800-934-3923  View
RDO Truck Center Ron Proloux  701 775 2591  View
RDO Truck Center Justin Okeson  701-282-5400  View
Rechtien International Trucks Inc Abel Diaz  305-888-0111  View
Redwood Reliance Sale co. Jim Mathews  707-795-0081  View
Reece Enterprises, Inc. Tracy Reece  641-774-2882  View
Reed Co LLC Don Ebert  785-456-7333  View
Reefer Peterbilt Richard Hall  248-852-8300  View
Rees Truck & Trailer Lenny Paterson  515-955-7337  View
Refuse Equipment and Truck Services, Inc. Donald Revak  440-992-3688  View
Regier Truck & Equipment Phil Regier  308-326-4258  View
Regio Commercial Truck & Trailer Sales Cesar or Flor Perez  713-674-9500  View
Regional International Trucks Jason Carello  800-836-0409  View
Regions Bank Stacy Cooke  770-305-7710  View
Reliant Leasing Systems James Marcel  713-672-6111  View
Renos Trailer Sales Inc Lance Luchini  724-929-7360  View
RES Truck Sales Glenn Crone  859-485-3450  View
Rev Truck & Equipment Karry Shepherd  863-665-5244  View
Rich Hill Truck & Equipment Justin Breckenridge  4173952191  View
Rich Hill Truck & Equipment Inc Jim or Justin Breckenridge   417-395-2191  View
Richfield Used Truck Parts Tim Earnhardt  704-463-5313  View
RichmondTrucks.Com Chris Browning  804-387-8521  View
Ricks Inc Truck Sales Rick Garrison  205-489-3132  View
Rife Motor Company Edward Rife   717-263-8518   View
Rig Tough Dallas/ Rush Enterprises Albert Vasquez  469-706-5808  View
Rig Tough Used Trucks (Dallas, TX) Ron Walston  972-785-8068  View
Rig Tough Used Trucks (Dallas, TX) John Paschack  386-956-0772  View
Rihm Kenworth Scott Forsman  651-649-5630   View
River States Truck And Trailer Camden Halverson  608-695-1492  View
Rivera I-35 Truck Sales Benji or Junior Rivera  972-937-1049   View
Riverview International Trucks LLC Eric Bassett   916-371-3110  View
Rmacs Truck & Equipment Angie Zink   620-564-2643   View
Road Ready Sales Inc Mike Adkins  765-965-5037  View
Roberts Diesel Service Wendy Mansfield  904-786-8211  View
Roberts Diesel Works Bobby Hodgins  407-246-1597  View
Roberts International Trucks Mitchell Cason  912-964-5207  View
Roberts International Trucks Mitchell Cason  912-756-4666  View
Roberts Truck Center Ben Roberts  806-355-9771  View
Roberts Truck Center (Amarillo) Tony Davis  806-355-9771  View
Roberts Truck Center (Lubbock) George Torres  806-763-8213  View
Roberts Truck Center (Midland) Ask for Sales  432-697-2241  View
Roberts Truck Sales Russell Madison  937-383-7775  View
Robertson Truck Sales Ethan Robertson Ext 24  740-397-4969  View
Robertsons GMC Truck Inc Karl Torrance  508-291-0044  View
Robinson Vacuum Tanks Inc Wade Robbins  814-355-4474  View
Rochester Truck Alan Kirk  603-335-2084 Ext 10  View
Rock Creek Truck Sales LLC Kurt Wynegar  402-641-1146  View
Rocky Mountian Truck Specialties J. Richins  801-599-2404  View
RODOC Leasing Sales & Service Roger Miller  419-692-5881  View
Rody Truck Center Of Miami, Inc Rody Gomez  305 638-3583  View
Rogness Truck & Equipment Phil Rogness or Tyler Rogness  605-832-4521  View
Rolling Stock Plus Morrie Sokoloff  562-254-2481  View
Ron Blackwell Commercial Truck Cody Manus  800-238-9289  View
Rose Truck Sales Co. Inc Frank Dodson  361-289-1855  View
Rotex Truck Center Raymond Martinez  956-722-1250  View
Rowe Ford Sales Bob Whiting Ext 264  207-854-2555  View
Rowland Truck and Equipment Inc Cody Rowland  937-548-4200  View
Roy Truck Sales Mark Owens  214-328-5161  View
Royal Truck & Equipment Michelle Hartsell  610-282-4090  View
RPM Vehicle Sales Lawrence Greco  416-835-9631  View
RR Truck Sales & Service Donnie Riske or Anthony Rohde  210-667-1092  View
RSD Leasing Peter Daniels  802-359-4515  View
Ruan Truck Sales Mick Pettit  800-643-9549  View
Ruble Truck Sales Ben Ruble  260-493-6182  View
Ruckmans Truck Center Phil Ruckman  260-483-1151  View
Rush Enterprises Corp Cam Chandler  830-358-5493   View
Rush Enterprises Corp (Used Trucks) Trey Golden  830-302-5217  View
Rush Enterprises National Director Used Trucks Doug Shields  830-302-5623  View
Rush Truck Center (Abiline, TX) Curtis Davis  806-686-3674  View
Rush Truck Center (Akron, OH) Steve Goldenburg  614-778-8989  View
Rush Truck Center (Albuquerque NM) WalkerK@Rushenterprises.com  505-839-3603  View
Rush Truck Center (Amarillo, TX) Ken Dunnam  806-686-3674  View
Rush Truck Center (Atlanta, GA) Will Newman  404-317-6235  View
Rush Truck Center (Augusta, GA) Jordan Pankey  615-939-5680  View
Rush Truck Center (Austin, TX) Evan Kellogg  512-312-1146  View
Rush Truck Center (Birmingham, AL) John Paschack  386-956-0772  View
Rush Truck Center (Bloomington, IL) Jim Davidson  217-540-8121  View
Rush Truck Center (Boise, ID) Mike Sessions  208-342-7711  View
Rush Truck Center (Bowling Green, KY) Josh Overstreet  615-220-7620  View
Rush Truck Center (Champaign, IL) Jim Davidson  217-540-8121  View
Rush Truck Center (Charlotte, NC) Justin Kiser  704-593-3551  View
Rush Truck Center (Chicago, IL) Matt Pomeroy  630-413-5306  View
Rush Truck Center (Cincinnati, OH) Steve Goldenberg  614-778-8989   View
Rush Truck Center (Cleveland, OH) Steve Goldenberg  614-778-8989   View
Rush Truck Center (Columbus, OH) Steve Goldenberg  614-778-8989  View
Rush Truck Center (Corpus Christi, TX) T W Hedfelt  956-522-3022  View
Rush Truck Center (Dallas, TX) Heavy Duty Micah Hazelwood  972-445-7505  View
Rush Truck Center (Dallas, TX) Light & Medium Duty Curtis Stoner  214-624-9121  View
Rush Truck Center (Dayton, OH) Steve Goldenberg  614-778-8989  View
Rush Truck Center (Denver, CO) Bill Maki  303-291-6328  View
Rush Truck Center (Denver, CO) Medium Duty Bill Maki  303-297-3673  View
Rush Truck Center (Effingham, IL) Central IL Jim Davidson  217-540-8121  View
Rush Truck Center (El Paso, TX) Santos Hernandez  915-780-9972  View
Rush Truck Center (Fontana, CA) Mark Drinkwater  909-823-7080  View
Rush Truck Center (Fontana, CA) Medium Duty Dave Wildey  909-829-2224  View
Rush Truck Center (Ft Worth, TX) Charles Jones  817-740-4996  View
Rush Truck Center (Greeley, CO) Bill Maki  303-291-6328  View
Rush Truck Center (Greencastle, PA) Monty Drake  317-787-0200  View
Rush Truck Center (Haines City, FL) Steven Crouse  863-547-2000  View
Rush Truck Center (Houston, TX) Carl Bendele  713-495-6300  View
Rush Truck Center (Houston, Tx) Medium Duty Glenn Schmitz  832 547 2134  View
Rush Truck Center (Houston, TX) Medium Duty Ron Hardy  832-547-2133  View
Rush Truck Center (Indianapolis, IN) Monty Drake  317-787-0200  View
Rush Truck Center (Jacksonville, FL) Rob Robinson  964-265-2344   View
Rush Truck Center (Kansas City, KS) Ken Kosic Sr.  913-815-2425  View
Rush Truck Center (Kansas City, KS) Nick Hunt  913-764-6000  View
Rush Truck Center (Laredo, TX) Jose Vara  956-764-1400  View
Rush Truck Center (Las Vegas, NV) Darren Vetter  702-970-5078  View
Rush Truck Center (Lima, OH) Steve Goldenberg  614-778-8989  View
Rush Truck Center (Lubbock, TX) Curtis Davis  806-686-3674  View
Rush Truck Center (Lufkin, TX) Dalton Gauthier  936-630-2500  View
Rush Truck Center (Memphis, TN) Josh Overstreet  615-220-7620  View
Rush Truck Center (Mobile, AL) Kenneth Plyler  251-459-7300  View
Rush Truck Center (Nashville, TN) Denise Gilbert  615-220-7777  View
Rush Truck Center (Nashville, TN) Josh Overstreet  615-220-7720  View
Rush Truck Center (North Carolina Region) Justin Kiser  704-593-3551  View
Rush Truck Center (Odessa, TX) Curtis Davis  806-686-3674  View
Rush Truck Center (Oklahoma City/Ardmore) Tommy Dorman  405-782-3513  View
Rush Truck Center (Orlando North) John Paschack  386-956-0772  View
Rush Truck Center (Orlando South) John Paschack  386-956-0772   View
Rush Truck Center (Orlando, FL) John Paschack  386-956-0772  View
Rush Truck Center (Pharr, Brownsville TX) Bobby Most  956-784-7906  View
Rush Truck Center (Phoenix , AZ) Kenny Proctor  602-422-8130  View
Rush Truck Center (Pico Rivera, CA) Marcus Danko  562-566-1805  View
Rush Truck Center (Pueblo, CO) Bill Maki  303-291-6328  View
Rush Truck Center (Richmond, VA) Paul Barbry  804-309-4541  View
Rush Truck Center (Salt Lake City, UT) Mike Napier  801-972-5320  View
Rush Truck Center (San Antonio, TX) Scott Barnes  210-661-4511  View
Rush Truck Center (San Diego, CA) Brett Manahl  858-586-2301  View
Rush Truck Center (Sealy/College Station, TX) Kipp Thompson  979-877-0145  View
Rush Truck Center (South Georgia Region) Todd Marshall  229-387-4340  View
Rush Truck Center (Springfield, IL) Jim Davidson  217-540-8121  View
Rush Truck Center (St Peters, St Louis, Quincy) Jason Barbanell  314-449-7203  View
Rush Truck Center (Sylmar, CA) Walter Duarte  818-493-5912  View
Rush Truck Center (Tampa, FL) Dustin McEachern  813-559-2325   View
Rush Truck Center (Texarkana, TX) James Schandua  903-336-6802  View
Rush Truck Center (Tucson, AZ) Kenny Proctor  520-205-8500  View
Rush Truck Center (Tulsa, OK) Shawn Fenley or Sam Adams  918-447-2806  View
Rush Truck Center (Tyler, TX) Daryl Reynolds  903-617-2500  View
Rush Truck Center (Utah Region) Glade Shinsel  801-647-1280  View
Rush Truck Center (Waco, TX) Bill Fletchall  254-662-7925  View
Rush Truck Center (Whittier, CA) Chris Hamilton  562-692-7267  View
Ruxer Truck Center Tim Eckstein  812-479-1111  View
RVB Truck Sales Dennis Ringwald  620-365-6823  View
RWC Group Robert Murray  3606357976  View
RWC International Mike Kill  877-954-9241  View
RWC International Chris McDevitt  509-232-4354  View
RWC International Rob Cunningham  520-622-6767  View
RY Equipment Trading, LLC Rody Gomez  305-634-0002  View
Ryan Truck Sales LLC Patrick Ryan  573-528-9226  View
Ryder- International/Fleet Vehicle Sales Linda William  317-733-1665  View
Wabash National Corporation Brent Larson  765-771-5300  View
Wabash of Utah Ryan Farr  (800) 454-7139  View
Wagner Truck & Auto Sales Bob Wagner  712-358-1312  View
Walkers Trailer Sales Chad Lee  877-323-6691  View
Wallace International Ken Wallace  239-334-1000  View
Wallwork Truck Center Mike Dittmer  800-937-3003  View
Wallwork Truck Center Brian Baldridge  701-774-6259  View
Ward International Trucks John Kuglar  251-433-5616  View
Warner Truck Center Dave Mitchell  800-900-4969  View
Warner Truck Center John Hausknecht  800-574-2707  View
Warren Trucks & Equipment Inc Greg Warren  301-910-4030  View
Wasatch Front Isuzu Bill Bean  801-627-1300  View
Waters International Trucks (Columbus, MS) Ronnie McGee  662-328-1575  View
Waters International Trucks (Hattiesburg, MS) Ronnie McGee  662-328-1575   View
Waters International Trucks (Meridian, MS) Ronnie McGee  662-328-1575   View
Waters International Trucks (Natchez, MS) Ronnie McGee  662-328-1575  View
Waters Truck & Tractor Co (Kosciusko, MS) Ronnie McGee  662-328-1575  View
Watson Enterprises Allan Watson  336-789-1138  View
Webfoot Truck & Equipment Inc Ken White  541-773-8223  View
Wehrle Bros Equipment James Wehrle  618-283-0713  View
Weirs Motor Sales Erwin Seavey   207-985-3537  View
Weller Truck Chris Weller  616-257-1326  View
West Carolina Freightliner Inc Mark Clapp   828-667-3833  View
West Houston Trucks & Equipment Brooks Strong  281-847-0999  View
West Michigan International Justin Jensen  616-241-4656  View
West Truck Sales Danny West  337-837-1773  View
Western Equipment & Truck Inc Craig Sparrow  970-353-6682  View
Western Idaho Freightliner Jeff Poulsen  208-461-4751  View
Western Idaho Freightliner Sterling & Western Star Mike Musgrave  888-461-4751  View
Western Peterbilt, Inc. Don Zwanzig  509-370-0303  View
Western Star Northwest/Gordon Truck Center Robert Petersen/Todd Tracy  360-887-7539  View
Western Star of Dothan Matt Chapman  334-793-1619  View
Western Star Trucks of Delmarva LLC Joe Pieroschek  410-742-0400  View
Western Truck & Trailer Sales Inc Scott Lynch  702-642-3461  View
Western Truck Exchange Dan Holtzman  323-750-1277  View
Western Truck Parts & Equipment Steven Lujan  916-319-5213  View
Westfall Volvo Mack Larry Perry  800-962-7322  View
Westlie Truck Center Bob Miller  701-857-1617  View
Westlie Truck Center Rick Hanson  701-857-1617  View
Westoz Phoenix Heavy Duty Trucks & Parts Rodney Davies  602-237-2000   View
Westrux International Jody Johnson  909-374-6409  View
Westrux International Inc David Kenney  562-404-1020  View
Westside Truck Sales David Weil  912-964-4646  View
Wheeler Truck Sales and Service, Inc Jessie Wheeler or Scott Wheeler  816-241-6080  View
Wheeling Truck Center Donnie Daugherty  800-759-1440  View
Whited Peterbilt of Maine Inc Jon Whited  207-786-3673  View
Whited Truck Center Ray Fogg  800-439-3673  View
Whiteford Kenworth R C Euler  800-447-0637  View
Whites International Mark Hunt  800-632-1050  View
Whites International Mark Hunt  252-291-0131  View
Whittemore Truck & Trailer Byron Fehr  515-295-9574 ext.2  View
Wholesale Equipment Sales Tipton Conquest   214-918-6134   View
Wholesale Trucks of America LLC /Denny Christensen/Ken Kosic Sr.  800-705-4008  View
Wichita Kenworth Inc Galen Esslinger  316-838-0867  View
Wicks Truck Trailer Inc Clark Low  417-869-8500  View
Wicks Trucks Bill Merical  402-891-9200  View
Wiegand Mack Sales & Service Inc Dave Sil  313-995-7873  View
Wieland Sales Inc Rob Cleary  800-875-4455  View
Wiers International Tom Moran  574-936-4076  View
Wiers International Trucks Pat Gurthet  574-936-4076  View
Wiers International Trucks Vonelle Jenkins  765-448-9950  View
Wiers International Trucks, Inc Pat Gurthet  574-936-4076  View
Wiethop Truck Sales Dan Brase  573-334-5221  View
Wilcox Truck Sales Steve Wilcox  479-770-0088  View
Wilhite Truck Sales & Parts Andy Wilhite  620-463-6641  View
Wilkens Truck & Trailer Chuck Wilkens  785-899-5454  View
Williams Service Inc Stan Williams  620-878-4225  View
Wilson Trailer Sales Larry Stroud  252-237-6186  View
Wisconsin Auto & Truck Sales LLC Joe Freidoth   715-359-1200  View
Wisconsin Kenworth Alan Croft  608-241-5616  View
Wisconsin Kenworth-Milwaukee Ask for Sales  414-761-5959  View
Wit Boyz Inc Luke Thieke   507-867-2957   View
Wolverine Truck Group Greg Gates  734-879-2500  View
Woodpecker Truck & Equipment Inc Pat Fjeld  888-966-3732  View
Woodys Truck Sales & Parts Dan or Debbie Wilson  352-671-3406  View
World Wide Export & Equipment Sales, Inc. Tyler Pontier  515-462-9900  View
World Wide Export & Equipment Sales,Inc Luke Pontier  515-462-9900 x 3  View
World Wide Export and Equipment Tim Pontier  515-462-9900  View
Worldwide Equipment Jeff Bates  800-394-8447  View
Worldwide Equipment Mark Wilkin  865-6884300  View
Worldwide Equipment Stan Lee  606-874-2772  View
Worldwide Equipment (Knoxville) Mark Wiklin  865-320-8326  View
Worldwide Equipment-West Columbia Cameron McCurdy  800-842-7746  View
Worldwide Trucks Robert Eller   281-977-2555   View
Worthey Truck Sales Kevin Mckinnis or Dan  417-865-7135  View
Worthington AG Service Scott Whitworth  660-355-4440  View
WW Trailers, Inc. Andy Miller  503-821-6000  View

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